My name is Ebun and I'm an entrepreneur, creative director, and parallel-parking prodigy.

In my opinion Ebun is the brightest young star in football design. His brand LIVE BREATHE FUTBOL sets a new bar in terms of soccer passion. What Mini was to motoring, LBF is to football.
— Richard Tait, CEO of Golazo (also founded Cranium)

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.  In the 10 years I lived there I learned the value of hard work and discovered my artistic talents.  Thankfully, my parents helped nurture my talent and even encouraged it (Nigerian parents are notorious for stifling creative pursuits in favor of more "prestigious" careers).

As a 12yr old high school freshman I began hand-painting t-shirts and discovered graphic design shortly after.  I fell in love with apparel design so much so that I made a brand new t-shirt to wear to school everyday of my sophomore year.  That's 180 shirts in total.  That's quite obsessive.

On my 21st birthday I founded Live Breathe Futbol as a junior in the Architecture School at Temple University.  In the 3 years since graduating, the brand has grown tremendously with customers in over 50 countries and has featured in Forbes, Sports Illustrated and many more publications.  More important to me, however, is how deeply people all over the world have embraced the brand.  

Being an entrepreneur has taught me how to do a lot with little, embrace creativity as a problem-solving tool, and execute my vision in a way that engages people deeply.

I bring this knowledge and a passion for creating to every project.

If you'd like to work together, I'd love to help take your vision to the next level.

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