I received a late Christmas present from my best friend last week.  It was a cycling cap from one of my favorite brands, Rapha.  The packaging and unboxing experience was so top drawer that it forced me to consider how we package and ship our products at LBF.  So I challenged myself to design premium shipping packaging that was beautiful and elegant, but still had the bit of street and grit that the brand is known for.  

Here is the shipping box:

LBF_ship box

The outside will be plain corrugated cardboard with a few branded elements on the side and back flaps.  Once the customer opens the box, they'll be greeted with a drone photograph of street ballers playing on the LBF court.  Upon taking their items out of the box, they'll see a message printed at the bottom of the box that reads:

Look out for some mockups/test shots of the box next week if I can get my hands on a sample this week.  Next week, I'll be posting the rest of the elements that will complete the LBF Unboxing Experience!  Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.